MEI TOKEN - MEI Currency

Introduction to MEI currency


The primary currency in Metain is MEI currency which is the acronym for METAIN.
MEI is used for paying transactions and yields in METAIN app (users still have the option to get USDT but MEI is still the principal return).
Ticker: MEI Max supply: 1 Billion $MEI tokens
Token Utility MEI token provides various core utilities across the METAIN ecosystem:
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    Staking: In simple terms, staking is one strategy that can generate passive income. You simply deposit MEI token for a fixed period of time to earn interest. Staking works in a similar way to interest accounts with traditional banks.
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    Trading: MEI is a utility token that represents the value of METAIN. It serves as a tool for driving user behaviour using incentives within METAIN ecosystem. MEI Token can be traded for Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, or any other kind of crypto, which can be exchanged for fiat currency, making them equally as valuable as any form of fiat money.
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    Loyalty level to METAIN property projects: For community members, L Loyalty level is based on the number of MEI tokens you are holding. The greater number of MEI you hold on METAIN ecosystem, the higher the loyalty level you get. This will allow you to have better access to investment projects, lower fees, higher staking yields, and so on.
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    Governance: Investors can propose and vote on policies and strategies related to the METAIN projects including expansion, investment types, markets, investment products, and more.