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Metain Wallet

Introduction to Metain wallet and its security principles

Beginner Friendly

Many DeFi Apps are hard for crypto beginners to understand and use because they mitigate risks by using 3rd-party Wallet Apps like Metamask. By doing so, they push security risks and responsibilities to end-users.
However, even long-time crypto traders and investors find this kind of connection with 3rd-party Wallet Apps difficult and confusing. Therefore, at Metain we decide that our App must be convenient and easy for end-users yet it must be strongly secured.
As a result of this, we have developed Metain Wallet to help beginners take care of their crypto assets safely and fortified.
Beside custodial wallets, experienced users can still use decentralized wallets to join our attractive investment programs.


In Metain, we developed a very strong security system to protect custodial assets. All custodial private keys are impossible to decrypt on backend servers. This way gives hackers virtually no ground to steal user's assets even by taking control of Metain system.