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What is METAIN?

METAIN is a co-investment platform that provides the most secure asset-backed NFTs peg to real-world properties and brings the APY 15-25%. We aim to be the first REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) NFT exchange and ecosystem built on Blockchain.

What METAIN can bring to our investors?

  • NFT backed by real estate income-producing assets will not be pumped & dumped, and definitely have a stable uptrend value with 15-25% APY

  • The quick, convenient connection between the crypto world and the real world for crypto investors to expand their portfolios to real estate without leaving the crypto world.

  • Able to convert capital from non-crypto investors to the crypto world thru an easy & friendly co-investment platform, with no need to acquire crypto knowledge

  • Profits from real estate rent out and the value of the real estate in the future, is most preserved and assured

  • Marketplace available early, can trade immediately after the first NFTs sales

Enter and Explore METAIN

Go to our app's website or download the mobile app and start investing your crypto assets. Watch the following video for an introductory guide.

Guides: How to invest and gain

Follow our step-by-step guides and starts your crypto investment:

Creating Metain WalletBuy Metain Investment UnitsHow to earnSell Metain Investment Units

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals and how Metain can offer investors with such high yield and transparent profits:

High-yield propertiesMetain Investment UnitMEI TOKEN - MEI CurrencyReal Estate Investment Trust (REIT)Bank Trustee

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